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  • 執筆者の写真Obinata Goro

On Agreement between Tactile Sensing and Rendering

Junya Nakanishi, my colleague, presented "On Agreement between Tactile Sensing and Rendering" in International Conference of IEEE Sensors 2019, Montreal.

Abstract—Tele-operated robots are still useful in disaster-relief activities since autonomous robots may have a lot of problems because of less chance for machine learning. In tele-operations tactile rendering for human operators should agree with tactile sensing by the tele-operated robots. We focus on the tasks of picking up objects in this paper. Vision-based tactile sensors, which are bale to measure slipperiness of stick ratio between the fingertip and the object, are used for evaluating the agreement of tactile sensing and rendering. Preliminary experiments shows that the proposed tactile display has a potential to render slipperiness of stick ratio and the usage of vision-based tactile sensors makes it possible to evaluate for the agreement of tactile sensing and rendering without obscuration in subjective assessment.

Experimental Setup

The same tactile sensors are used for sensing and rendering. Therefore, we can evaluate the rendering performance objectively and quantitatively. The figure of the experimental setup shows how to compare the rendered force and slipperiness to the sensed ones.


The article is published in IEEE xplore:

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